Rather than being stuck with one or two clients for a year, our trainees are exposed to a broad spectrum of clients in a range of industry sectors. You’ll also be part of a team that takes responsibility for delivering a distinctive quality of service that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

To achieve this standard of service excellence, you’ll be supported by:

  • cutting-edge audit methodology and technology
  • continuous collaboration with colleagues working locally in your office as well as nationally and internationally
  • in-house publications, seminars and workshops to keep you in touch with the latest news about the profession and business

Being a “gofer” is not good enough. You deserve more.

Sure, this is challenging but it’s also rewarding. It gives you the chance to:

  • experience our customised approach to each assignment
  • be exposed to a diverse range of clients within various industry sectors
  • get to know and understand the complexities of our clients’ businesses
  • expand your knowledge and skills
  • build relationships that will support you in realising your personal and career goals

Last but not least, the satisfaction of knowing you play a meaningful role in our firm and the ability to say, “Every day I make a difference.”

How fast you fly, and where you go, is up to you.