Thrive! Making Family Business Work webinar

18 August 2020

In this period of economic uncertainty, many family businesses are looking for ways to respond to the effects of COVID-19 and thrive at the same time.

To thrive in the current economic downturn, family businesses need to identify, understand, and address unique families in business dynamics, contexts, and cultures. They need to address issues relating to ownership and family legacy continuity, generational conflict, management succession and professionalization, senior generation retirement and wealth, governance for the family and business, career development, remuneration and recognition, and future planning.

Using a logical GENERATIONS framework, participants will be exposed to the latest family business thinking and best practice.

This webinar will cover the introduction to the following topics:

  • Family business dynamics in the COVID 19 era
  • G.E.N.E.R.A.T.I.O.N.S
  • Family business life cycles, development cycles, and patterns
  • Family business success lies in shared dreams and values
  • Sustaining the family business in the Covid-19 induced new normal


  • Family members and family business leaders
  • Next-generation family members and their spouses
  • Siblings, cousins, and their spouses/partners
  • Non-family executives and key employees
  • Human resource managers and family therapists
  • Professional advisors such as lawyers, accountants, wealth advisors, and other consultants




Tony Balshaw Tony Balshaw CA(SA), B Compt (Hons), ACFBA, F.FFI, F.Inst.D. is one of South Africa’s leading experts and consultants on family business. Author of “Thrive! Making Family Business Work”, Tony is a Fellow of the Family Firm Institute (FFI), and has worked extensively with families and the businesses they control, both in South Africa and internationally. His experience, expertise, knowledge, skills and reputation in the field of family businesses extends to companies of various sizes, types, life cycles and complexities. He is also a regular speaker at local and international conferences, and is frequently quoted in the media on family business matters.

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