INSIGHTS Going places

A corporate travel industry snapshot

South Africa is one of the world’s fastest growing travel destinations and the sector supports one in every 12 jobs in the country. Tourism has been earmarked by government for high growth. The aim is to increase its contribution to GDP to R499-billion by 2020.

Considered the leading tourism and hospitality consultants in South Africa, Grant Thornton has more than 25 years of unparalleled proficiency across a range of tourism industry sectors, servicing a varied client base.

We help both public and private sector organisations across the country adapt to the shifting tourism environment.

Drawing on our industry experience, we work with you to plan scenarios, manage costs, create flexible organisation and finance growth.

Our hospitality and tourism specialists have a wide range of knowledge relating to market trends. Our experience in this sector includes strategic planning, policy formulation, development planning, strategy formulation and facilitation, large-scale research studies as well as grading system development.

Our thought leadership publications are regarded as the authoritative assessment of tourism and its allied industries in southern Africa and are widely used for their data, statistics and opinions on tourism trends and developments.

Our Tourism Business Index, conducted every quarter on behalf of the Tourism Business Council of South Africa, is the most significant industry research device in the country, giving us an unprecedented depth of understanding into the sector.