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BEE in the Know - August 2017

BEE in the KNOW chats to Portia Tau-Sekati, CEO, Property Sector Charter Council

Portia Tau-Sekati is the powerhouse behind the Property Sector Charter Council which strives for transformed property relations in South Africa.

She is passionate about really making a difference in this country, saying that is what keeps her energised, convinced, committed and determined.

Portia shared her thoughts with Grant Thornton Verification Services this August, in recognition and celebration of South Africa’s Women’s Month. Read our interview with Portia in this month’s edition of BEE in the KNOW. Click here to read more.

The Amended Property Sector Overview
By Jenni Lawrence

In our interview with Portia Tau-Sekati, CEO of the Property Sector Charter Council (PSCC), Grant Thornton’s Verification Services team asked her why a specific scorecard was gazetted for the property sector.  She responded, “Our sector is unique and needs to be managed accordingly. For example, we need to focus on developing under-resourced areas and attract investment there. There are people who have to drive four hours to draw R50, for example, because there are no systems or infrastructure where they live. So this is one of the unique drivers for us in property – developing under-resourced areas – and here we work closely with the financial sector as well as government.“

The amended codes of good practice for the property sector charter were gazetted on 9 June 2017 and the new charter is effective for all companies operating in the property industry.

This technical article details the requirements and regulations of this complex charter in terms of the codes and different elements of the scorecard. Click here to read more.

In conversation with Portia Tau-Sekati

CEO, Property Sector Charter Council

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The Amended Property Sector Overview

By Jenny Lawrence

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