Corporate governance

Grant Thornton global governance report 2015

Corporate governance - the tone from the top

Grant Thornton global governance report 2015

This report draws on 1,865 telephone interviews with business leaders in 36 countries
through our International Business Report (IBR), and 86 in-depth interviews with
board members in eight countries conducted between December 2014 and March 2015
to answer five critical questions in corporate governance today. There were 77 South
African respondants who contributed via questionnaires or in-depth interviews.

The report looks at the role of culture which, while intangible and hard to measure, remains the cornerstone of good governance. We look at the role of the board and management team in building and demonstrating it, and how a good governance culture can be nurtured.The report also takes a look explores board composition and how diversity on boards affects decision making. 

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