Your B-BBEE to do list

Jenni Lawrence Jenni Lawrence

The amended codes are now here and many of our clients have started preparing for their next verification under the new-look scorecard.

The amended codes are applicable for all verifications measuring financial periods ending after 30th April 2015. If your last verification was conducted on any period ending prior to 30th April 2014, you may still be able to complete one more verification under the old codes. Ask us for more information if you think you qualify.

If your company is measured under a specific sector scorecard (transport, tourism, construction, forestry, AgriBEE, CA, financial services, property and ICT), these are still valid until 30 October 2015. Make sure you take advantage of this by having a new rating completed before this deadline!

In order to ensure you are ready for the changes:

  • complete a gab analysis/conversion of your recent scorecard to understand what it will look like under the new codes
  • conduct scenario planning exercise to understand the opportunities under the amended codes and how you will close the gaps
  • train yourself and your staff on the new codes and the implications of the Amended BEE Act
  • set up an internal BEE Task Team and ensure you are tracking your progress monthly
  • conduct quarterly mini BEE reviews to ensure you are meeting your targets
  • ask your suppliers how they are preparing themselves for the amended codes – their status affects yours
  • ask us for recommendations of external service providers for solutions covering all elements including: ownership, skills development, supplier development, enterprise development and socio economic development.

If you would like assistance with any of these services, including gap analysis, scenario planning, training, quarterly tracking, etc. please contact the regional manager in your area for further information, or email us at bee@za.gt.com.