Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Health Organisation has reported a fivefold increase in cyber-attacks. This is the same trend that is being experienced in companies across the globe.

Why CyberProtect security awareness training?

  • Identify Risk - The solution identifies risk through threat simulations, and knowledge assessments.
  • Change behaviour - Deliver targeted education driven by threat intelligence to the right users.
  • Reduce exposure - Turn your employees into a strong last line of defense and make them part of your team.
  • Business intelligence and integrations - Get the granular and high-level visibility you need into your users’ assessments, simulated attacks, and training assignments.

CyberProtect provides these benefits:

• Threat intelligence that helps organisation stay ahead of attackers
• Continuous improvement of the cyber resilience level of your organisation
• Provide periodic contact moments to discuss cyber-related topics with our cybersecurity experts.

Learn more about how our Cyber awareness training solution can help your business to stay ahead of cyber attackers.


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