Data drives business decisions.

Any organisation that ignores this fact risks being left behind in a competitive marketplace. Businesses have large amounts of data at their fingertips, but there is also an enormous amount of data they are not leveraging because they cannot effectively access or use it. A well-considered analytics strategy provides invaluable insight into an organisation and can enable timely business decisions that will reflect market conditions well into the future, along with giving an organisation the power to optimise its operations for future growth and profitability.

At SNG Grant Thornton, we help organisations of all sizes make informed decisions by making sense of the numbers. Our philosophy is that data analytics must enable organisations to solve specific problems and help create opportunities.

Our services include:

  • Audit analytics
  • Forensic analytics
  • Conflict of interest analytics
  • Continuous control monitoring
  • Municipal revenue assurance
  • Cash conversion analytics
  • Forecasting
  • Data profiling & cleansing
  • Data migration reviews
  • Business performance insights

For more information about our services, download our capability statement.

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