Our forensic capability is integrated with our wider advisory services – not an add-on. With the help of our experienced investigators, forensic accountants, computer forensic specialists, our seamless multi-disciplinary team approach offers organisations the full range of expertise they require.

Our forensic team support organisations with a range of forensic investigative and preventive services.

Forensic investigations

We combine our highly specialised forensic accounting and digital technology team to conduct investigations involving suspected fraud, bribery, corruption and money laundering, for a range of different entities. In addition, we provide fraud risk management services to help organisations understand their exposure to the risk of financial crime.


Our independent experts are experienced in advising on civil and criminal matters involving contract breaches, partnership disputes, auditor negligence, shareholder disputes and company valuations, disputes for corporates, the public sector and individuals. We act in all forms of dispute resolution, including litigation, arbitration, and mediation.

We provide independent, meaningful financial and economic analysis, to unravel complex business disputes. We draw on global specialists and effectively collaborate across industries and technical areas to meet client challenges.

Anti-financial crime advisory/ compliance

We provide expertise to regulatory institutions by conducting procedures to determine whether the relevant identified entities comply with relevant legislative or regulatory prescripts, e.g. Medical Schemes Act, Banks Act, financial services regulations, etc.

Our insight into the requirements of the regulatory bodies allows us to offer regulated entities proactive compliance services such as, for example, building compliance frameworks, testing compliance with regulatory requirements and testing compliance monitoring.

Digital and cyber forensics

The increasingly digital world has seen a surge in cyber-related crimes. We offer a full suite of digital forensics and data acquisition services in investigations related to cybercrime, disputes, fraud and regulatory investigations.

Our capabilities include recovering and protecting data to establish a factual basis for investigations.

We provide e-discovery and data analysis services to identify, collect, recover and preserve electronic evidence quickly and accurately. Our team use leading e-discovery and forensic tools which allow us to review and process large volumes of data. Our methodology and expertise enable us to quickly identify the key facts and issues so clients can make important decisions.

Training/ Skills Transfer

We provide forensics skills development, case study-based training and on-the-job training to forensic professionals in the public sector, law enforcement agencies and regulatory investigators, as well as to the wider private and commercial sectors.  Structured courses and programmes are developed based on the specific needs of our clients, leveraging additional expertise through our partnerships with training and academic institutions.

Fraud prevention strategies and awareness

We partner with our clients to create and develop an anti-fraud environment.

Our fraud prevention strategies and awareness services include:

Pro-active fraud audits and fraud detection reviews, anti-corruption strategy development, fraud prevention programmes and response plans, the development of forensic investigation and forensic auditing units, methodologies, operational plans, forensics skills development and capacity enhancement programmes, data analytics via our digital forensics capacity, pre-contract award process assurance services and ISA 240 services.



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Re-active Forensics

As SNG Grant Thornton, we see ourselves as advocates in developing strategies to investigate our clients’ challenges and can tailor our scope of services to meet a wide range of needs in this area. Our flexible methodologies allow for rapid deployment to tackle any issue, regardless of its complexities.

Our Re-active Forensics Services include:

Forensic Investigation and Forensic Auditing
Investigations into all types of fraud, corruption and maladministration
Procurement and supply chain forensics
Medical schemes forensics
Investigations into statutory violations such as infringement of regulatory prescripts such as the Medical Schemes Act, Banks
Act, financial services regulations and tax fraud
Law enforcement specialist support to the South African Police Service, their Special Investigating Unit and the South African
Revenue Services
Forensic Accounting
Specialist forensic accounting investigations
Accounting litigation support
Income and revenue collection, recognition and accounting fraud
Investigations into debtors and creditors fraud schemes
Fraudulent financial misstatement investigation
Net worth analysis investigations, including lifestyle quantification
SA 240 reviews to identify risk of fraud in financial statements
Computer Forensics and Cybercrime Investigations
Forensics data imaging and investigation
Data analytics

Technical Excellence

Our multi-disciplinary, qualified team comprises of individuals from law enforcement agencies, in-house public sector and private sector investigation teams such as former banking investigators, former South African Revenue Services investigators, investigators formerly employed in government departments, and medical scheme fraud investigators. Comprising a diverse range of experience, skills and knowledge collectively, the team’s collective professional qualifications span investigators, certified fraud examiners (CFE), certified commercial forensics practitioners (ICFP), auditors, chartered accountants, certified internal auditors and academic lecturers.