No one starts a business so they can spend all day bogged down by administrative tasks and bookkeeping. They do it because they’re passionate about bringing their idea to life. With our cloud accounting service, you have the power to automate tedious tasks and take back your time. So that you can focus on what really matters: the big picture

What makes cloud accounting from SNG Grant Thornton Different

When you choose cloud accounting from Grant Thornton, you get the power of an experienced advisor in your corner. It’s like having your very own cloud coach, one who can provide you with strategic advice you need to whip your business into the best shape of its life. And because cloud accounting is completely online, a collaboration between you and your advisor is seamless. Think of us as your business’s new secret weapon

We discover what’s important to you and make it important to us

Our culture is built on a genuine interest in our clients, as well as their challenges, growth ambitions and wider commercial context. You get the attention you deserve from approachable professionals who listen, ask the right questions and provide real insight from a clear point of view.

Practical solutions to help you improve and grow

Our teams bring ideas to the table that go beyond the technical issues, to recommend ways to make your business better. We balance a desire to do what is best for your business in the future with an experienced sense of what’s going to help you now.

Collaborative teams with a different mindset

Our people are open, accessible and easy to work with. We work through issues alongside you, whilst maintaining an independent perspective.  Our collaborative style enables us to assemble teams, industries and geographies to tailor our capabilities for you.

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