Global mobility services

Taxes can be complicated, certainly when you are in a new country navigating a foreign language. The SNG Grant Thornton approach is to assist the new assignee with a clear and easy process. We find that keeping our assignees in the know avoids confusion and uncertainty in an unfamiliar process

  • Registration and deregistration of Expatriates with relevant tax authorities
  • Preparation of annual income tax return for Expatriates.
  • Preparation of first, second and top-up provisional tax computations and returns.
  • Conducting arrival/departure briefing of expatriates.
  • Drafting and submission of objection letters and follow-up with revenue authorities.
  • Appeals or alternative dispute resolution procedure, including meetings with SARS where required.
  • Liaising with tax authorities on all inbound and outbound tax queries on behalf of Expatriates.
  • Facilitation of expatriates audits and PAYE audits relating to expatriates.
  • Assisting with gross-up calculation and Tax Equalization calculation.
  • Assisting with tax clearance certificates/letters of good standing from SARS.
  • Provision of general tax advisory pertaining to expatriates services.
  • Review and advise on tax equalisation policy