Tax Data Analytics is the lynchpin of our tax audit approach. Given the enormity of tax data transactions, any approach that discounts the use of data analytics/science techniques is guaranteed to fall short of rigour.

In accordance with this, we have developed an approach that extensively makes use of data science/analytics techniques, among other things, to ensure the correctness of tax submissions, flag potential risks and provide mitigating solutions, and ease the compliance burden for each tax type. This further assists in making the tax function of our clients effective.

We also provide our clients with interactive dashboards that have drill-through capabilities to assess data to the nth degree. The following transaction-based tax areas have proven to be ripe for data analytics: VAT, Wear & Tear Claims on Fixed Assets, Income Tax, Customs and Excise, among others.

Our services include :

  • VAT Analytics
  • Fixed Assets Analytics
  • Corporate Tax Analytics
  • Customs and Excise Tax Analytics
  • Transfer Pricing Analytics