Value-Added-Tax (VAT) services

The South African VAT is destination-based, which means that the consumption of goods or services in South Africa is taxed.

VAT is therefore paid on the supply of goods or services in South Africa as well as on the importation of goods into South Africa. VAT is currently levied at the standard rate of 15% on most supplies and importations, but there is a limited range of supplies of goods or services which are either exempt or which are subject to tax at the zero rate (for example, exports are taxed at 0% under certain circumstances).

The importation of services is only subject to VAT where the services are imported for private, exempt or other non-taxable purposes. Certain imports of goods or services are exempt from VAT.

We will also assist with the following services:

VAT Services
  • VAT ruling applications
  • Technical VAT opinions
  • IT14SD VAT reconciliations
  • Diesel rebates calculations
  • SARS Audits & queries
  • VAT registrations & deregistration’s
  • VAT on electronic services registration and compliance
  • VAT e-filling registration & profile set up
  • VAT returns & SARS verifications
  • VAT compliance services
  • Change of banking details
  • Assistance with unpaid refunds
  • All VAT related applications
  • Tailor-made VAT training
  • VAT Analytics
VAT Debts
  • Deferred payment arrangement
  • Compromise of tax debts
  • Settlement of tax debt
  • Write-offs
  • Debt equalisation
VAT Controversy
  • Voluntary Disclosure Applications (VDP)
  • Assistance with VDP VAT returns and calculations
  • Application of remission of penalties and interest
  • Objections & appeals
  • Tax board representation
  • Settlement of disputes
  • Tax clearance applications (foreign, tender, good standing)

VAT Apportionment ratio calculations

VAT Accounting
  • VAT health checks
  • VAT accrual reviews
  • VAT risk assessments
  • VAT compliance reviews
  • VAT audits
  • Mergers, re-organisations and Acquisitions
  • Due Diligence reviews