The appropriate and adequate tax disclosures in the Annual Financial Statements (AFS) are not only important for the statutory and regulatory requirements but are also for the users of the AFS. Our team which comprises of highly qualified Chartered Accountants is able to assist your organisation with tax accounting services which include but not limited to:

  • Preparations of current and deferred tax computations
  • Preparation of tax disclosures in the Annual Financial Statements that comply with IAS 12 and other relevant standards
  • Computations of the provisional tax payments
  • Analysis and management of the effective tax rate
  • Preparation of tax schedules and submission of returns
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As part of the attest function, the tax accounting team plays a significant role in the provision of assurance in respect of the tax affairs of your audit. Teams of consultants, managers and directors with experience and vested knowledge of tax accrual reviews are assigned to each assignment. They review your tax computations for compliance with tax legislations to ensure that tax provisions in the AFS are not materially misstated. A tailor-made approach is followed to align with your tax affairs to the applicable provisions of the tax legislation and accounting standards.

Our experienced tax professionals will not only review your tax affairs but also impart knowledge through engagements and training.

Our team is well equipped to provide up to date practical solutions to suit our client’s needs