We provide global mobility solutions to global or expatriate firms, inbound or outbound.

Sending employees on assignment can be a very costly exercise. Without planning, it can cost multiples of the amount needed to employ in the home country. It can also trigger unintended tax consequences that can negatively impact a Company’s ability to effectively carry on and expand its business operations across different jurisdictions.

What we can offer

  • Assistance with budgeting and cost management for both long and short term assignments.
  • Co-ordination of both home and host country assignee tax return compliance, ensuring tax returns and payments are made on a timely basis from both a corporate and personal perspective.
  • Assignee home and host country tax orientation briefings.
  • Bespoke training for clients on all aspects of the assignment lifecycle.
  • Home and host country payroll solutions.
  •  Effective assignment structuring, covering suitable employment arrangements and remuneration delivery.
  •  Advising on tax efficient delivery of cash and non-cash based remuneration.
  • Review of incentive and pension arrangements to ensure efficiencies are optimised and potential additional tax liabilities are avoided where possible.
  • Design and review of customised international mobility policies based on best practice and specific needs of the business. For example, policies that cover both short and long term assignments; business commuters and employees who permanently relocate to another jurisdiction.
  • Tax equalisation/ protection policy design and review.

The South African firm is an important link in the Grant Thornton global network as many multinationals invest in this country as a doorway to Africa. We can advise them on local tax implications, hand-in-hand with looking after their employees’ income tax obligations.

We also offer outsourced payroll services for offshore companies without a permanent presence in this country.

Likewise, if you are a South African travelling abroad, we can assist with advice on expat tax requirements in your destination country, via Grant Thornton’s extensive international network.

Grant Thornton South Africa is a registered tax practitioner and we use the latest tax products available to the industry. We pride ourselves on being an entrepreneurial company, growing with our clients. We are determined not to lose that personal touch for which we’re so well known.

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