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Small Enterprise Finance Agency (SEFA)

SEFA offers access to finance to SBCs and provides assistance to build sustainable businesses through repayable loans. They offer loans through direct and wholesale lending from R500 – R5 000 000

SEFA considers all applications for finance; however, the enterprise must have a business plan. SEFA can assist with drawing up the plan.

To be considered for finance, you must:

  • Be a South African citizen or a permanent resident
  • Be a registered entity, including sole traders with a fixed physical address
  • Be within the required legal contractual capacity
  • Be domiciled in South Africa
  • Be compliant with generally accepted corporate governance practices appropriate to the client’s legal status.
  • Have a written proposal or business plan that meets SEFA’s loan application criteria
  • Demonstrate the character and ability to repay the loan.
  • Have provided personal and/or credit references (if available).
  • Be the majority shareholder and the owner-manager of the business.
  • Provide relevant securities/collateral.
  • Have a valid Tax Clearance Certificate

For more information, please visit the SEFA website