The revised revenue estimate is R182 billion more when compared to the 2021 budget estimates. This higher than expected revenue is largely due to higher than projected performance by mining companies driven by high commodity prices.

The stats also show an increase in the number of registered taxpayers from the prior period. Individuals registered for personal income tax increased by 4.1%, companies registered for corporate income tax increased from 2.5 million to 3.1 million, registered VAT Vendors increased by 5.9%. Employers registered for employees' tax increased by 6.2%. Employees tax is one of the taxes that are easy to administer as the employer should withhold and pay tax on behalf of the employee when the salary is paid or becomes payable.

The increase in registered employers should contribute to higher tax collections from Personal Income Tax. As reflected in the recent stats, Personal Income Tax continues to be the highest contributor at 37.2%, followed by VAT at 25.3%.