The South African education sector is known for its unequal distribution of academic resources, decaying infrastructure, overcrowded classrooms, poor educational outcomes and perpetuating inequality which is failing many of its children, despite the industry receiving about 20 per cent of the national budget.

Due to the challenges in basic education, many South African children at primary and secondary levels fail to reach the Higher Education level. As a result of these challenges, access to universities and TVET colleges has increased significantly during the past decade.

Based on United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) standards, South Africa continues to dedicate a significant amount of its budget and wealth towards education (both formal and non-formal).

Our service offering

Business Consulting

We provide fit-for-purpose solutions to address major challenges the Education sector faces by supporting our clients.

Employees’ Tax Services

Its important to ensure that the institution complies with the tax legislation and that all payroll records are accurate and complete.

Programme Assurance & Advisory

The need for sound project management and effective solution delivery gives you the edge in competitive markets.

Forensic Services

Fraud detection review and forensic investigation for Higher Education

Digital and Analytics

The digitalisation of processes within the higher education sector leads to increased data generation. This data can be an essential asset when leveraged correctly.

Cyber Security Services

There is no one-size-fits-all security solution to preventing all attacks, but we have cybersecurity strategies that education institutions can use to minimise cyber threats.