Staying ahead of disruptive change

The environment for business is changing faster now than at any time in recent history. Forces such as globalisation and rapid technological changes are disrupting traditional business models and creating huge challenges for organisations, both privately owned and publicly listed.

Our business consulting services help organisations improve operational performance and productivity throughout the growth life cycle.

Our services include:

Financial Modelling Services

The advent of the COVID 19 pandemic has brought about numerous challenges to an already complex business world globally and has reinforced the notion that businesses should “adapt”. The growing need for businesses to operate efficiently and be agile has never been any greater.

Some typical challenges that businesses are currently facing are:

  • Obsolete business models that are no longer relevant to the emergent  environment
  • Inadequate and complex business processes
  • Inability to innovate
  • Bloated overhead costs and
  • Consequently, cash flow challenges

The output of our financial model is used for decision making and performing financial analysis, whether internally or externally. Internally, management would use financial models for:

 Decision-Making Company

  • Performance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Restructuring of business models
  • Budgeting and forecasting (planning for the years ahead)
  • Project Finance

Project Finance

  • Making acquisitions / Investment decisions (businesses and/or assets)
  • Selling or divesting assets and business units
  • Capital allocation (priority of which projects to invest in)

Corporate Transactions

  • Raising capital (debt and/or equity)
  • Valuing a business/security
  • Growing the business organically (e.g. opening new stores, entering new markets, etc.)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions.
Public Sector Consulting

Our team strives for excellence ensuring that the public sector complies with national policies and procedures. Our qualified professionals provide a wide range of services in this area, including but not limited to:

  • Preparation and review of Annual Financial Statements and supporting audit files
  • Compilation of Audit of Performance Information and assistance with preparation of POE Files and aligning of KPI to Annual Performance Report Assistance with rectifying non-compliance matter
  • Audit query support that includes the compilation and monitoring of audit query corrective action plan
  • Tracking of irregular expenditure, unauthorised, fruitless and wasteful expenditure (UIF&W
  • Compilation of UIF&W register
  • UIF&W write-off processes assistance in terms of relevant regulations
  • Reviewing and designing of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), including finance and supply chain
  • Reviewing and designing of financial policies
  • Capturing and reconciliations of financial transactions from the first principle
  • Revenue enhancement
  • Compilation and review of Asset Registers including Fixed Asset Registers and Investment Registers
B-BBEE Consulting (skills development, enterprise and supplier development and socio economic development)

It is widely accepted that the best driver for socio-economic transformation is small business development. Our team aims to create an enabling transformational environment with adequate access to market and business support for small businesses while developing robust eco-systems for small businesses to seize these opportunities.

Our services are two folds both internal and external-facing. Our solutions are also supported by the provision of dashboards used as reporting tools with these programmes and focus on measuring the impact from both the sponsor and beneficiary perspective. We also specialise in Family Business Consulting,

Our services are two folds both internal and external-facing.


The internal facing-side focuses on assisting corporates to understand their supply chains and is enabled through the implementation of their Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) objectives that are mandated by the Preferential Procurement Framework Act and the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice to integrate small black owned enterprises into their supply chains.


The external-facing side focuses on the implementation of ESD initiatives through business development support to selected SMME beneficiaries using innovation, incubation and acceleration programmes.

Strategic Governance

Our service offering includes Governance and Compliance and Trust Administration.

Governance and Compliance

In this fast-paced world, where unforeseen change has become the norm, it has become imperative for organisations to implement good corporate governance. As a result of the institutionalisation of corporate governance in South Africa through the publication of the King Report on Corporate Governance, which has subsequently been superseded by the King Report, there has been a greater demand by stakeholders for increased transparency in organisations.

Our team assists large and small organisations with a variety of best practice corporate governance services in line with current legislation inclusive of, but not limited to, the King Report on Corporate Governance, the Companies Act and the various corporate governance codes.

Trust Administration

One of the greatest setbacks for the administration of trusts is poor governance and it is therefore important that trusts are set up and managed properly. This will ensure the trust realises its objectives to best benefit its beneficiaries.

Our team helps empower trustees of a trust in order to perform their duties by exercising best practices through our guidance as advisers who act independently and ensure confidentiality.

We provide competent experienced staff to ensure operational efficiency through the provision of secretarial services inclusive of accounting services, the management of trust assets, risk advisory and streamlined communication avenues using our tailored platform to ensure optimal document management.

Human capital

Our service offering includes  Change and Programme Management and Human Resource Management.

Change and Programme Management

Change is inevitable and with the rapid developments in technology affecting the people aspect within the context of an organisation, there is a great need for employees of an organisation to be able to both adopt and adapt when such changes take place. It is without a doubt that humans in their innate nature are resistant to change.

Our team helps organisations with large scale transformative program employee adoption, such as post-merger integration efforts, in both structural and technological changes. We apply a structured approach to transitioning organisations from their current state to their desired future state, ensuring that change is fully integrated and sustainable across a business.

Human Resource Management

People are the driving force behind any enterprise and a shortage of the right people is a top concern for executives worldwide. Our deep experience tailored optimisation tools and focus on business outcomes help our clients meet this challenge and turn talent into a competitive advantage.

Our team supports businesses with the strategic elements of HR process effectiveness challenges they face through the alignment of the HR process to the HR operating model, strategy, technology architecture and the overall corporate strategy.

Speciality consulting

Our service offering includes Financial Management and Financial Costing and Modelling Services.

Financial Management

Successful financial transformation will increase the value of organisations financial functions by shifting its focus from managing transactions to analysing information and informing decision-makers.

We strengthen finance operations through a review and improvement of financial processes, systems and functions to help drive profitable growth, business understanding and reduce costs. We also provide Business Outsourcing (People and Systems) to further strengthen our client’s organisations.

Financial Costing and Modelling Services

Costing and modelling of products or services is an integral part of any business in order to turn a profit. We help businesses understand where the costs are generated within the business and how to manage these costs. We provide cost modelling services specialising in Activity Based Costing, Standard Costing and Process Costing.

Our robust cost modelling utilises a fully absorbed methodology to calculate product or service profitability and also pricing. We scrutinise all aspects of an organisation by providing management decision information to better support clients to ensure that organisations are cost-effective whilst maintaining a level of profitability.

Productivity Improvement

To maintain growth, organisations must remain flexible, agile and profitable - which requires systematic improvement across people, processes and technology. The key is to understand which activities are no longer needed and which ones should remain.

We help our clients optimise processes across the organisation, leveraging appropriate technologies, and considering the impact on people to help achieve strategic growth goals and reduce risk. Utilising our global framework and set of tools we are able to encourage wider and more meaningful conversations which are focused solely on areas of client growth.


Our technology solutions services address a broad range of process,  technology and organisational needs across finance, supply chain, HR functions and cybersecurity. We support businesses and technology functions to engage, specify and deliver scalable solutions for both the business and its customers.

Working with the technology community to develop solutions in data collection systems, mobile applications, social media and knowledge management platforms, monitoring, and improved data sharing between parties.

Our process includes:

  • Providing recommendations for technology improvements (e.g., existing training platforms, e-learning modules, smart applications, tracking and criminal database management, or monitoring, response, and data analysis)
  •  Identifying needs and opportunities and communicating them to the technology community within clients
  • Work with technology innovators to bring proposed solutions to scale
Strategy Formulation

Business strategy can be a complex journey incorporating a myriad of decisions that are constantly made in a dynamic and ever-changing environment. Our strategy and performance improvement professionals have the tools, experience, expertise, and insights to support our client’s growth ambitions throughout their strategic journey in today’s constantly evolving global economy.

We assist our client’s with defining their current and future capabilities, identifying business influencing factors, recognising and targeting markets, determining vision, mission and objectives as well as monitor tracking processes to ensure the expected future is realised.

Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

Solid and well-written feasibility studies and business plans are key elements of a successful funding application. Our team have extensive experience with compiling clear, concise and comprehensive reports comprising of an in-depth market assessment and financial analysis.

Our additional services

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDG Impact Standards Training Course