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Having strong business acumen can help educational institutions remain financially stable, adapt to changes in the educational landscape, stay competitive, and most importantly, fulfil their core mission of providing high-quality education.

Our goal is to empower educational institutions to overcome their challenges and build a robust system that fosters professional growth and enhances the quality of education.

We provide fit-for-purpose solutions to address major challenges the Education sector faces by supporting our clients.

Productivity Improvement

Education institutions must remain flexible, agile, and profitable to maintain growth, requiring systematic improvement across people, processes, and technology. The key is to understand which activities are no longer needed and which ones should remain.

We help our clients optimise processes across the institution, leverage appropriate technologies, and consider people's impact to help achieve strategic growth goals and reduce risk. Utilising our global framework and set of tools, we can encourage broader and more meaningful conversations focused solely on areas for growth.

Strategy Development

We support the development, assessment, planning and delivery of an institution's strategic goals and plans to encourage sustainability, growth and development.

Public Sector Consulting

Our team strives for excellence, ensuring that the public sector complies with national policies and procedures. Our qualified professionals provide a wide range of services in this area, including but not limited to:

  • Preparation and review of Annual Financial Statements and supporting audit files.
  • Compilation of Audit of Performance Information and assistance with preparation of POE Files and aligning of KPIs to Annual Performance Report.
  • Assistance with rectifying non-compliance matters.
  • Audit query support includes the compilation and monitoring of audit query corrective action plans.
  • Tracking of irregular expenditure, unauthorised, fruitless and wasteful expenditure (UIF&W).
  • Compilation of UIF&W registers.
  • UIF&W write-off processes assistance in terms of relevant regulations.
  • Reviewing and designing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), including finance and supply chain.
  • Reviewing and designing financial policies.
  • Capturing and reconciliations of financial transactions from the first principle.
  • Revenue enhancement.
  • Compilation and review of Asset Registers, including Fixed Asset Registers and Investment Registers.
B-BBEE Consulting

We specialise in Family Business Consulting, and we also provide B-BBEE Verification services.

Governance and Compliance

We assist educational institutions with various best practice governance services to ensure compliance with current legislation.

Human Resources Management

People are the driving force behind any enterprise, and a shortage of the right people is a top concern. Our deep experience in tailored optimisation tools and focus on business outcomes help our clients meet this challenge and turn talent into a competitive advantage.

Our team supports education institutions with the HR challenges they face by aligning the HR process to the HR operating model, strategy, technology architecture and the overall corporate strategy. 

Financial Management

Financial management in the education sector revolves around providing educational services to the public. Financial management of educational institutions such as schools, colleges or universities should be considered business units with income and expenditure that offer the educational services to students. Successful BUs are well managed with debtors (students) collections, and staff and all creditors are paid on time.

We strengthen finance operations by reviewing and improving financial processes, systems, and functions to help drive profitable growth, business understanding and reduce costs. 

Skills Transfer

We understand the education sector's challenges and are committed to investing in capacity building and development through our skills transfer programme.

Our programme takes a step-by-step approach to developing customised training for our clients in finance (and other-related) disciplines.