The Customs and Excise environment is undergoing continuous changes to keep abreast with advances in technology. 

Globally, importers, exporters and manufacturers of goods continue to employ numerous technology tools to achieve efficiency throughout their supply chains. Tax authorities have to modernise their systems, people, and processes to secure revenue collection while facilitating legitimate trade. This results in continuous changes in the Customs and Excise legislation. 

SNG Grant Thornton Customs and Excise services can assist traders with ensuring that they achieve efficient supply chains while remaining compliant.

Our services include:

· Assistance with registration, licensing and accreditation.

· Providing imports and exports planning advice.

· Performing supply chain reviews.

· Conducting Customs and Excise risk and compliance assessments.

· Conducting Carbon tax reviews and assessments.

· Providing Customs and Excise duty relief advice.

· Assisting with resolving disputes with tax authorities and other relevant government agencies.

· Providing Customs and Excise training.