The Customs and Excise environment is undergoing continuous changes aimed at keeping abreast with advances in technology. 


Importers, Exporters and Manufactures (Traders) of goods in South Africa continue to employ numerous technology tools to achieve efficiency throughout the supply chains. The South African Revenue Services (SARS) is also undergoing major modernization of its systems, people and processes that result in continuous changes in the Customs and Excise legislation. SNG Grant Thornton Customs and Excise services can assist Traders with ensuring that they achieve efficient supply chains while remaining compliant.


Our services include:

· Registration, licensing and accreditation compliance

· Providing Imports and Exports planning advice

· Performing Supply Chain reviews

· Conducting Customs and Excise risk and compliance assessments

· Providing Customs and Excise duty relief advice

· Assisting with resolving disputes with SARS and other relevant government agencies

· Providing Training