The Technology, Media, and Telecommunication (TMT) sector has been growing at a rapid pace from computing hardware, semiconductor, communications, equipment, research and development to enterprise software, big data, e-commerce, social media and the recent rise in demand for artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, metaverse and cloud computing to name a few.

While technology-based companies continue to build market share, they too just like any other organisation also face significant challenges with, for example, public trust issues relating to data privacy. Vast amounts of personal data from consumers, businesses, and institutions are collected as technology companies drive the adoption of digital business models. Cybersecurity risk then comes into play as attackers focus on data and network penetration to cease private information.   

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Our TMT industry experts will Go Beyond the brief to help you equip your organisation from cyber breakouts, including identifying opportunities, challenges, risks and applying broad methods that align with tomorrow's possibilities.

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