The Africa Tax Desk provides a single point of contact that will benefit multinational corporations operating in Africa. Multinational corporations will benefit from the single point of contact solution as this will:  

  • Ease the administrative burden of engaging with multiple service providers across various African countries;
  • Ensure that there is consistency in the application of your tax strategies and policies across Africa; and
  • Provide a one-stop tax management solution in the African region.


A single point of contact

For the French-speaking countries of Africa, the West and Central Africa Desk is based in Abidjan. It coordinates the legal and Tax practice for the French-speaking countries in the zone, given the complexity and divergence of legal and Tax regulations.

For the English-speaking countries of Africa, the Africa Desk is based in Johannesburg. Given the complexity and divergence of legal and Tax regulations, it coordinates the legal and Tax practice for English-speaking countries in the region. You can refer to either Regional Desks for investments impacting the English and French-speaking areas.

An integrated service offering

From the regional hubs, the "Africa Desk" teams coordinate all cross-border activity within the region to deliver an integrated and tailored solution to each of our valued clients.

The teams are responsible for the following: 

  •   Upstream: deliver preliminary and valuable answers in projecting your investments in Africa.
  • During the investments: coordinate the conduct of the work you entrust to us.
  • Downstream accompanies you in your first steps on these new markets by keeping you regularly informed of the legal and fiscal news impacting your territories of the establishment. 

A different view of Advisory

The Africa Desk offers a wide range of legal and Tax services to help you expand your business in Africa.

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