Robust and independent valuation advice.

For organisations involved in a transaction or a dispute, or embarking on a restructuring, the value of the business involved and its assets will be an important commercial consideration.

A robust and reasoned opinion on value is essential. For litigants, a professional valuation is often the key to securing a fair settlement. Our valuations teams work with individuals, companies, governments, wealth funds and private equity companies to deliver essential valuation support during transactions and

In addition, we provide advice in support of financial reporting and tax planning in relation to the valuation of complex financial instruments and tangible and intangible assets.

Our specialists provide expert advice in the following areas:

Bid support valuations

We deliver bid support services throughout the acquisition process and are committed to adding value at every stage. We approach bid support in a pragmatic, robust and commercial way based on a deep understanding of our client’s business and the target.

Business transactions valuations

An independent view on value for mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and proposed financial structures, delivering robust advice within the constraints placed by the deal deadlines.

Share option schemes valuations

We have specialist experience in structuring and valuing share options for employees and directors.

Private or venture capital valuations

Our specialists provide third-party valuations for investment funds to support periodic reporting of net asset values or to enable the transfer of assets.

Financial instruments, equity and intangible assets valuations for financial reporting

We provide valuations for purchase price allocation (PPA) purposes, including identifying and valuing recognisable intangible assets in accordance with 
the latest accounting principles.

Valuations to support asset backed lending decisions

We provide valuations to support asset-backed financing, including valuing shares and intangible assets. We provide periodic valuations of assets and assess these against covenants noted in loan agreements.

Assets valuations for tax purposes

Our teams provide third-party valuations to enable directors to meet their fiduciary duties and to support proposed tax treatments for financial reporting purposes. We also provide advice on the tax implications that can be expected once a tax event has been triggered post-valuations.

Fairness opinions

We provide fairness opinions for listed entities engaged in corporate transactions. We also provide fairness opinions as required by the Companies Act of South Africa.