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VAT Act of telecommunication services

Reviewing the section 72 decision

In 2019 changes were made to section 72 of the VAT Act, which provides the Commissioner with the discretionary powers to make arrangements or decisions as to the manner in which the provisions of the VAT Act shall be applied or the calculation or payment of tax or the application of any rate of zero percent or any exemption from tax provided for in terms of the VAT Act, provided that the Commissioner is satisfied that as a consequence of the manner in which any vendor or class of vendors conducts his, her or their business, trade or occupation, difficulties, anomalies, or incongruities have arisen or may arise in regard to the application of the VAT Act.

These changes have an impact on the arrangements or decisions made in terms of this section before 21 July 2019. One of the arrangements and decisions made in terms of section 72 of the VAT Act before 21 July 2019, which is impacted by these changes refers to the VAT treatment of telecommunication services.

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