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SNG Grant Thornton expands its service offering for key industries

SNG Grant Thornton today announced an expansion of its service offering which is targeted at Energy and Natural Resources (ENR) and Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) industries. The service offering will focus on domestic, multinational and medium to large enterprises in the ENR and TMT industries.

Aaron Mthimunye, Managing Director of Assurance, welcomes this initiative and strongly believes that by providing tailor-made service offerings to these two key industries SNG Grant Thornton will have a focused approach that will complement strategic, operational, and tactical planning.

The ENR industry leader, Yugen Pillay, has over 20 years’ experience in various senior finance and consulting roles across different sectors of the economy. He leads a team of experts whose experience spans across various spheres, including, but not limited to, Fund and Financial Management, Business Consulting, mining tax and royalty tax, risk management, business process improvement, programme management, digital and analytics. The ENR industry comprises of Utilities and Cleantech, Oil and Gas, and Mining sectors.

Although the ENR industry has been experiencing a string of challenges, it continues to be the backbone of the country’s economy. According to Yugen Pillay, “Resilient businesses in the ENR industry are the ones which secure its sustainability by investing in its supply chain to ensure continuous service and value creation.”

At the helm of the TMT industry team, Craig Bain brings a wealth of experience from the TMT industry. Craig has economic, law, and tax degrees and has spent the past 13 years providing value-added services to clients within a variety of industries, including TMT. He will be leading a team of local experts who will be providing valuable insights and strategic perspectives, supporting business growth needs, and risk management amongst other services.

“COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the world including multinational companies within the TMT industry. While certain companies have been well placed to provide products or services for which demand has increased others have experienced a drastic decrease in demand and have been forced to make tough decisions. Opportunities exist for agile companies that can adapt quickly to the current challenges and future threats.”, said the TMT Industry leader, Craig Bain.

Managing Director of Advisory, Oupa Mbokodo adds, “With the future looking more digitised, virtualised, and automated, we aim to help our clients navigate challenges and leverage opportunities that will enable them to be prepared today for tomorrow’s disruptions. When we work with dynamic companies, we go beyond managing risks, we help our clients re-imagine business models, and strategies, making them more competitive.”

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