SNG Grant Thornton is committed to transformation. Black Economic Empowerment is a key business imperative for us and not a mere obligation.

Our objective is to move forward in transforming SNG Grant Thornton into a truly South African firm with black representation across all levels, including leadership and ownership.

Our transformation goals comprise various other elements as well, such as employment equity, skills training, preferential procurement, as well as enterprise and social development. One of our strategies to transform the top tier of the company is to bring in talented interns at the bottom. We take in young black people with matric and university degrees and put them through rigorous training. We are committed to the implementation and improvement of all seven elements of the B-BBEE scorecard. Our firm is rated as level 1 BEE-contributors; an aspirant position for the whole business.

Our involvement in enterprise development initiatives includes mentorship and money to a broad range of recognised socio-economic development initiatives.