SNG Grant Thornton collaborates with NextGenOpx

SNG Grant Thornton is expanding its Advisory services in Africa and will be bringing a new and unmatched consulting model to the Mining Industry, combining the highest calibre of independent consultants in the industry with the scale, credentials and resources of SNG Grant Thornton, leveraging additional synergistic value through integration.

NextGenOpX is a management consulting company focusing on integrated operations, primarily within the mining industry. They are a global business that has done significant projects worldwide and has a solid local footprint in South Africa. SNG Grant Thornton works with NextGenOpX in an integrated way to provide a better service to clients in the region, leveraging additional synergistic value through integration.

We see severe limitations in the current offerings from other consulting companies, and we want to bring clients a distinctly different approach that better addresses the needs we see across the industry.

This approach will result in a better experience for clients and will target previously untapped latent value currently locked in the interfaces across operations and how businesses are optimised for whole-system value.

These differences will centre around three world-class capabilities:

  • A holistic, integrated approach based on a unique, industry-leading Integrated Operating model
  • A powerful leadership-led co-design approach, which ensures ownership, accountability and commitment
  • Delivered with deep operational empathy through experienced operational leaders, not career consultants 

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