Supporting your development of a materiality assessment to help you identify the sustainable development priorities most relevant to the organisation, its stakeholders and to value creation.

To shape your agenda, you must identify the priorities most relevant to your organisation. There are many possible initiatives, but a few will drive the majority of the impact you are looking for, whether the impact is reputational, environmental, social, governance or financial. These decisions will be made based on your stakeholder expectations, and actions should be embedded into your strategy and the systems you use to monitor progress.

  • Stay relevant
  • Stay focused
  • Stay on track
  • Stay relevant
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    Find out what your stakeholders want and how to ensure you are responding to them.
  • Stay focused
    Stay focused
    ESG is a broad agenda. A strong, stakeholder-led focus will encourage engagement and authenticity.
  • Stay on track
    Stay on track
    We can get you from where you are, to where you need to be.

Why SNG Grant Thornton?

We have teams worldwide who are on the frontline of ESG trends, the fast-changing rules, and the metrics at play. We have established an internal agenda that brings all that expertise together and applies to everything we do. We have experts on hand to help you establish benchmarks and best practice. We can make sure your ESG priorities are aligned with your core purpose, and we can help you to select the appropriate UN Sustainable Development Goals to focus on.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What would your stakeholders value?
  • ESG is a broad agenda, how can you focus on what’s important to your stakeholders?
  • What’s the gap between what you are doing today and where you need to get to?
  • Is your purpose aligned to your ESG priorities?

Things to consider:

  • How do you compare yourself against key competitors and best practice?
  • What UN Sustainable Development Goals should you focus on?
  • Do your key stakeholders expect a robust, data-led analysis that would stand up to scrutiny or is a desk top review adequate for their needs?
  • Are you looking to follow global reporting standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) or the forthcoming International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) sustainability standards?
  • Would enlisting stakeholders in the process of setting priorities enhance their engagement with your organisation?