How do I use the Innovation Exchange?

The Grant Thornton Innovation Exchange is a place to share and connect with member firms to build a culture of innovation.

Simply put, it’s an online catalogue for listing innovations from across the network, where you can share the innovations that your firm is working on. You can also easily search and see innovations from other firms. Innovations can cover different service lines (Assurance, Tax, Advisory) and can revolve around certain topics of interest (blockchain, data analytics, RPA, etc.).


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Let's Innovate Together!

To log into the Innovation Exchange platform



How do I submit an innovation on the Innovation Exchange?

Login to and navigate to the Innovation Exchange campaign. Should you encounter any issues, please contact Innovation Exchange for help with troubleshooting.


Complete the submission form. The required fields are: 

• Title, Description, Key features, Benefits
• Primary industry – the industry the innovation applies to e.g. real estate
• Business line – the service line or business area the innovation applies to such as audit, tax, advisory, other, all, internal
• Type of innovation – indicates if the innovation is a tool or service
• Innovation use – shows if the innovation is internal or client-facing
• Innovation impact – choose one or more of the impacts the innovation will have
• Innovation maturity – the stage of maturity that the innovation is currently  in (see the innovation maturity model for more information on the stages)
• Licensing type – the arrangement for how the innovation is available for use/purchase
• Call to action – how to get in touch with the innovation owner/member firm to access the innovation or learn more
• GT member firm – the member firm who owns/has created the innovation



Attach files to support your description such as images, video,s or PDFs. You can include a link to a website relevant to the innovation and or tags so that the innovation will appear in search results.


Your submission will then be reviewed by the Innovation Exchange moderator and if you have provided all the required information, your submission will then be published on the global Innovation Exchange.

For any inquiries using the Innovation Exchange or if you have questions about your submission, please contact Innovation Exchange

Accessing the Exchange

You can access the Innovation Exchange online catalogue here