Financial models are the foundation of important financial decision-making.

We develop financial models that provide insightful information, allowing you to 
explore the financial impact of strategic decisions and support your business plan or investment decision.

Making the right business decisions with a good and quantifiable understanding of their financial implications is paramount in a competitive business environment with increasing pressures to make decisions that maximize 
shareholder value while withstanding scrutiny. We help clients translate key business issues into transparent financial implications. Increased transparency allows for a more effective decision-making process, assisting you in maximising shareholder value.

Our Financial Modelling Services combine our strong modelling skills with in-depth sector knowledge and cross-functional expertise from our Corporate Finance and Restructuring, Accounting and Tax departments.

Our teams modelling expertise allow us to provide expert advice in the following areas:

Business planning

We help you develop reliable and robust business models that allow you to quantify the impact of major business problems and decisions on strategy and business plans.

Our business acumen supports you and your board to define and analyse alternative scenarios, understand the impact of each scenario and support you in making more robust decisions.

Transaction modeling

We offer a wide range of buy-side and sell-side modelling solutions to facilitate your transaction processes in each phase helping you understand the key risks involved in the deal, derive the appropriate valuations and structure deals successfully.

Strategic option modeling

Our strategic option modelling solution equips you with a robust tool that quantifies the financial impact of various business decisions or changes in the underlying macroeconomic, political or technological environment.

Our strategic options models could be used for example to plan major strategic changes (such as new product launches, acquisitions, investments, divestments, portfolio rationalization or restructurings).

Interim monitoring and reporting

An efficient interim reporting process would equip you with greater confidence in the predicted cash flows and allow you to track any major deteriorations from your strategic plans.

Our team can assist you with building a reusable interim reporting tool and process that allows decision-making an accurate and reliable view of the future This allows you to focus your efforts on decision-making, rather than on a recurring detailed quarterly or monthly analysis.

Integration and separation modelling

Our team can assist you in actively managing your portfolio of activities across your organization, helping you identify synergies across your businesses and focus on your core competencies.

Our integration modelling services assist you identify and track synergies across the transaction phases to maximise deal value In addition, our separation modelling offerings include the creation of financial statements, business models and valuation for the standalone business model. Furthermore, we can also perform calculations on the financial impact of the separation from the original company.

Impairment test modelling

A  key recurring exercise of many companies is the annual impairment testing. The adequate incorporation of the current risks and uncertainties into the budget figures and forecasts remains a challenge for corporate decision-makers.

 Our team of expects can help you integrate uncertain economic and capital market conditions and assist you in performing impairment testing projects as well as conducting reviews of in-house impairment tests.

Model validation and reviews

Our deep understanding of value drivers throughout various industries combined with model review software tools makes us an ideal partner for you to carry out a third-party financial model review.

We are prepared to challenge your model from both a technical and a commercial perspective. We offer various levels of reviews, ranging from high-level reviews, due diligence reviews and formal model audits.