We create sustainable infrastructure development solutions that meet economic, environmental, and social growth needs of our clients.

In South Africa and beyond our borders, many developments and important strategic matters are based on the recommendations emanating from our work. This gives testament to the pragmatic and practical value that government, planners, businessmen and others place on the consulting services we provide.

The infrastructure and Projects team is staffed with a multi-disciplinary team of qualified professionals (economists, strategists, management consultants, corporate financiers, market researchers, accountants, taxation experts, modelling experts and geologists), all of who have considerable practical and wide industry experience in all the services we provide.


Our teams provide expert advice in the following areas:

Infrastructure strategic planning and policy advisory

Our infrastructure strategic planning and advice services are designed to help clients get the most out of projects. Our team of experienced professionals works with clients to identify the best possible strategies for projects, ensuring that all aspects of the project is properly thought out, planned and managed.

Business cases

We provide you with a detailed assessment of the viability and cost-effectiveness of a proposed infrastructure project.

We also provide you with a comprehensive report outlining the market potential, the competitive landscape, the potential return on investment and the costs of implementation associated with the project.

Pre-feasibility studies

We perform preliminary assessments of the feasibility of proposed infrastructure projects, including assessments of the financial resources, the environmental impact, and the potential benefits of a proposed project.

Feasibility studies

We provide a detailed analysis of the potential of a proposed infrastructure project or undertaking, to determine whether the project is technically, financially, socially and economically feasible.

Financial modeling

We spend time understanding the value drivers. This allows us to build integrated models for pricing and structuring deals that focus on the issues of greatest impact. We quantify returns, risks and sensitivities to provide a clear point of view to help clients make better decisions.

Negotiation support

Our negotiation support services provide the expertise and guidance you need to get the best possible outcome for your negotiations. We work with you to develop a strategy tailored to your specific needs and leverage our deep knowledge of the industry to ensure you get the most favourable outcomes.

Model audits

Our model audits provide assurance that clients' project’s financial models are accurate and reliable. We review, assess and validate the financial model assumptions and outputs, ensuring that they are in line with the project’s objectives and are robust and accurate.

Structuring projects

We provide comprehensive solutions to help manage structures in the most efficient and cost effective way. We identify the most suitable structure to meet client objectives and develop a comprehensive strategy to ensure that the structure remains compliant with all relevant regulations. 

We provide advice on the most appropriate frameworks, governance and tax planning, as well as providing ongoing support and monitoring to ensure that the structure remains compliant.

Procurement advice

We work closely with clients to identify and analyse the most cost-effective and efficient procurement strategies for projects. We will provide guidance on the best contract terms, and pricing models to ensure that clients get the most value from projects.

PPP advisory

Our team has been involved with various Southern Africa’s recent PPP deals, providing comprehensive, strategic and commercial legal advice in connection with the development and financing of new PPP projects, privatization of existing assets, workout and restructuring of troubled projects and other transactions.

Tariff modeling and reviews

We build valuable tools that allow managers, senior professionals and advisors in utilities, regulatory authorities and government to develop, set or assess their tariffs in a regulated context. We help clients develop, set and analyse their tariffs taking into account costs, discounts, fees, and other factors.

Refinancing contract management

We offer comprehensive and reliable services to ensure that your refinancing process is completed quickly and efficiently. Our team of experts is involved throughout the entire process, from assessing current financial situations and selecting the best refinancing option to executing refinancing transactions.

We provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process, including, financial analysis, and ongoing monitoring of new refinancing arrangements.

Contact management

Our contract management solution offers a comprehensive suite of services to help manage and monitor infrastructure contracts.

Our services include contract management, risk management, performance monitoring, and dispute resolution.  We also provide expert advice and guidance on the best practices for contract management, as well as the latest legal and regulatory requirements.

Monitoring and reporting

Our monitoring and reporting will provide you with detailed updates on the status of infrastructure projects, allowing clients to easily identify any potential issues before they become arise.

With our team, we provide detailed reports on the performance of various projects, helping clients to make informed decisions and ensuring successful project completion.

Economic impact assessments

Our economic impact assessments help clients make informed decisions about their new or existing projects. By providing a comprehensive analysis of the economic impact of a proposed project, we can help clients measure and understand the potential economic costs and benefits associated with their decisions.

Infrastructure delivery and programme management

We provide comprehensive management, from initial planning and design to implementation and ongoing support. Our experienced professionals work to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure projects are managed efficiently and effectively, and provide ongoing support and advice to ensure project success.

Carbon tax advisory

We help our clients understand and prepare for the implications of carbon taxes, helping clients develop strategies to reduce their carbon footprint, manage their carbon tax liabilities, and identify opportunities to offset their carbon taxes.

Tax advice

A service provided by our tax advisors, we help clients navigate the complex and ever-changing tax landscape when financing large-scale projects.

This service involves providing advice on the most advantageous tax structure to utilize when financing a project and helping to prepare the necessary compliance.

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