Innovative solutions for workouts, restructuring, business rescue, insolvency and asset recovery.

The economic cycle can produce seismic shifts in the outlook for individual businesses and can destroy value at speed. The task of understanding how best to protect and then maximise what value remains, is made all the more complex by the interconnected nature of cross-border business. 

Our experienced and accredited team of insolvency practitioners, business rescue practitioners, curators, lawyers, modelling experts, recovery experts and restructuring experts are at the forefront of modern-day challenges that impact distressed and non-performing entities.

Deploying our global capability, we help diagnose and address underperformance and devise workable solutions that maximise value and deliver a sustainable recovery.

Our teams provide expert advice in the following areas:

Crisis stabilisation and turnaround

In the early stages of a turnaround, the right support is necessary to create financial stability, assess cash flow and identify opportunities to improve short-term liquidity. Through diagnostic analysis, we provide stakeholders with a clear understanding of the causes of underperformance and the strategic opportunities for the business, both crucial when assessing turnaround potential.

Accelerated M&A

We provide advice and manage transactions associated with the acquisition or disposal of distressed assets or businesses, frequently too short timescales.

Exit strategy services

We apply a tailored methodology and fully project manage and implement the sale or closure of underperforming or non-core corporate entities at maximum value.

Corporate insolvency and business rescue

Where a business cannot be saved or where a formal insolvency process is required to effect a restructuring, we provide advice and support to distressed companies, their creditors and other stakeholders in order to protect assets and maximise recoveries. Where required, we take on the role of Curator, Business Rescue Practitioner or Liquidator.

Asset recovery and tracing

Asset recovery and tracing normally form part of formal insolvency processes such as liquidations or are carried out in support of ongoing litigation or fraud investigations. We use creative approaches to identify and recover misappropriated assets locally and globally.

Operational and financial restructuring

Our multi-disciplinary operational and financial restructuring specialists provide support to realise significant business process improvement, implement new business strategies, divest non-core businesses and design new capital structures aligned with the dynamics of the business.

Debt advisory

We provide specialist advice on the raising and refinancing of debt. Through our deep understanding of the funding landscape and detailed knowledge of the credit process, we devise tailored funding solutions as part of a sustainable capital structure in line with the strategic ambition of our clients.

Monitoring for regulators

We provide various support functions and act in supervisory roles to various regulators.

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Shaakira Cassim
Legal and Insolvency Specialist
Shaakira Cassim

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