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South Africa has one of the most unequal societies in the world. A key driver of this inequality is the high unemployment rate, especially for the youth. A study of economically prosperous nations shows that entrepreneurship is an essential lever to growth and addressing the challenges of poverty, inequality, and unemployment.

For entrepreneurship to succeed in South Africa, it must attract enough bright minds that want to make a difference and contribute to society through commerce. Unfortunately, South Africa has a comparatively low rate of new business formation and a low survival rate for small businesses. The key challenges include small business funding as well as access to markets. These challenges are, however, not insurmountable.

At SNG Grant Thornton, we believe that with the proper guidance, entrepreneurs can establish businesses that not only survive but also thrive. Importantly, we know that entrepreneurs and small business owners have limited time on their hands, and thus solutions aimed at them should be clear, easy to understand, and structured around their needs. The SMME Growth Hub is designed with this goal in mind, providing an easy-to-follow guide to starting, setting up and running your business.

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