A well-defined programme and change management approach is vital for planning and delivering sustainable change, achieving your outcomes, and engaging your team and wider stakeholders on the journey.

Effective programme and change management can create the engine room for your ESG strategy and your outcomes from it. You need the right foundations in place, including structure and oversight, intelligent and agile planning, and stress testing. A holistic approach can ensure your organisation is factoring in all the requirements and changes that will be needed across your operating model to deliver ESG initiatives from inception through to completion successfully.

  • Planning and execution
  • Building the case for change
  • Understanding the impact
  • Planning and execution
    Planning and execution
    Hands-on programme management from inception and delivery to achievement of your ESG outcomes. Let us help your strategy succeed.
  • Building the case for change
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    We work collaboratively, developing transformation and change capabilities in your organisation and building a structure to help drive sustainable change.
  • Understanding the impact
    Understanding the impact
    Assessing the impact of the change on your wider operating model, and presenting detailed insights on the impact to your business and strategy.

Why SNG Grant Thornton?

We bring international, cross-department expertise to every ESG project. Parts of your organisation may be unaccustomed to external reporting routines; business change requires yet another set of skills and new technologies demand detailed planning and oversight. We can combine these skillsets and help your teams ensure that they have all the bases covered, or we can support in managing projects from start to finish.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Your ESG agenda is complex and multi-faceted, how can you apply strong programme and change management capabilities to ensure you are effectively implementing your strategy? 
  • What approach will you take to overseeing and ensuring you are getting value from your external advisors that they are delivering against your requirements?  
  • How well do you deliver change or transformation currently?
  • Are you and your people clear on your ESG vision and strategy, as to how this connects to your plans, and what is required of you in delivering against this? Both at an organisational and individual level
  • How joined up is your leadership team on what it is you need to achieve now and what you will need to do differently in the future? How aligned are you on what the priorities are?