SNG Grant Thornton’s International Business Report (IBR), known as the SA Business Pulse locally, was launched in 1992 and interviews more than 10,000 mid-market C-suite business leaders across global economies. The IBR survey is conducted quarterly, providing comparative data and insights across mid-market businesses by Grant Thornton International Limited (GTIL).  

This report provides a summary of key South African highlights based on the data obtained from the Q1 2024 mid-market survey.  

The overall sentiment indicates that mid-market businesses in South Africa anticipate various challenges and opportunities for the next 12 months, with expectations shaped by both economic factors and the upcoming 2024 general elections.


Uncovering South Africa's Q1 2024 Constraints

Mid-market businesses have shifted their concerns regarding economic uncertainty which has improved by six  points, a decrease from 64 % in H2 2023 to 58% in Q1 2024.



Exploring The Nation's Mid-Market Optimism

Optimism among South African mid-market businesses is once again under pressure, declining from 53% in H2 2023 to 48% in Q1 2024

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Investment In Technology

Considering investment intentions, mid-market businesses express a strong interest in investing in technology, with expectations of increased investment compared to the previous period.