Grant Thornton’s International Business Report (IBR), known as the SA Business Pulse Locally was launched in 1992 and speaks with more than 10,000 midmarket business leaders across 29 economies annually. In South Africa, they interviewed around 100 mid-market business leaders.

The business pulse is a unique index that tracks the health of the global mid-market using data from the longest-running mid-market research study globally – the IBR. Put, simply, it is a clever lens through which you can look at all the existing IBR data and immediately see the health of the midmarket, as well as spot important changes and key historical trends. It also allows users to compare results across countries, regions, and various sectors to get the world’s most comprehensive view of the mid-market.

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South African Macroeconomic Overview & IBR Results – H1 2023

Helping to push GDP growth upwards slightly has been a recovery in inventories from extraordinarily low levels recorded in 2022.

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Future business investment intentions

As with building activity, this may have helped encourage private business investment activity that might otherwise not have been forthcoming.

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Constraints to business growth

Findings concerning constraints on business growth in H1 2023 reflect a fairly positive picture.

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