Grant Thornton’s business pulse is the first index to track the health of mid-sized companies at a global, regional, country and sector level.

Developed in partnership with Oxford Economics, this index is calculated every six months and draw on the world’s largest and longest-running research study into the mid-market, which interviews around 10,000 mid-market business leaders across 29 economies annually.

The index provides a complete view of mid-market health and prospects at a global, regional, sector and country level, while sub-indices provide a view of several dimensions that contribute towards this health.

In South Africa, 100 business leaders across different industries are surveyed to provide insights on the views and expectations of the South African mid-market businesses.

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The Index

How the index scoring works

  • A score of +50 would represent perfect health with no restrictions and an ideal outlook, and the likelihood of high growth in the future.
  • A score of -50 would represent dire health, with crushing restrictions and an appalling outlook, and the likelihood of a decline in the future.

Restrictions and Outlook

  • Outlook tracks the growth expectations and is scored positively between 0 and 100. The better the elements, the more positive the score.
  • Restrictions or barriers to growth are scored negatively between 0 and -100. The worse the elements, the more negative the score.

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